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Logo of D.E.S is it, DES Action group in France (Diethylstilbestrol)
Dane Morin-Delacroix, The DES Case or Mutilations on prescriptions, book testimony published at Edilivre Editions - D.E.S is it DES French Group

The incredible true story of DES Action France sharing by its founder Dane Morin-Delacroix

Dane Morin-Delacroix is a DES mother: trusting her doctor, she receives Distilbène® (DES french brand name) for each of her four pregnancies in order to prevent possible miscarriages.

She notices with fright that all her children were born with lesions and anatomical malformations caused by DES. She will discover years later that the drug also has affected one of her grandchildren.

Facing doctors’ denial and all this case protagonists’ silence, she decides to conduct her own investigation. She brings victims of DES together by founding the very first French DES Action Group "DES France" in 1986 "Dane 45". In France, approximately 300,000 women took DES while they were pregnant.

Dane Morin-Delacroix then becomes an activist not by choice, but by necessity, with a flawless willpower, despite many troubles on her way… As you read this book, you will be shocked by all the “traps” she faced.

Nevertheless, her determination to tell the truth is stronger than fear: she breaks the silence and reveals the damaging health effects, sometimes irreversible, in children exposed to DES (diethylstilbestrol) in utero.

Pulling the thread of the truth, Dane Morin-Delacroix finds out the drug's widespread use in cattle, and raises the alarm, long before the scandal of “Veau aux hormones” (hormonized cattles) broke out.

She also reports in 1988 the harmful effects of Diane® birth control pill (oral contraceptive) on consumers.

The fight lasted a long time, never giving up. A fight which turns into police drama…

Fortunately, in the midst of the storm, there were acquaintances or friends like M. Mathy, G. Depardieu and P. Sébastien provided support.

So as to this scandal not be forgotten, Dane Morin-Delacroix published her book in 2013. This book very captivating, as well as very touching and authentic. We feel everyone absolutely must read it: due to Dane Marin-Delacroix the whole of France knows the truth about Distilbène® (DES) consequences and all the foundations of this Affair.

In 2014, concerned about the future of the “D.E.S grandchildren”, she founded a new Organization for the third generation of DES-exposed families: “Descendance Distilbène”.


Let's pay tribute to Dane Morin-Delacroix, who broke the silence, who fight.

Thank you for telling the truth. Thank you for your bravery and the sacrifices you made. Thank you for sharing your story.


To get Dane Morin-Delacroix’s book, please follow this link: « l’Affaire Distilbène ou Mutilations sur ordonnances » chez EDILIVRE

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